Yep. It’s been awhile again. *Sigh*

I was out taking pictures last week, the day after a bit of a snowstorm here in Minnesota. What fascinated me was the sky, the trees, and the ground were all white – good material for images. I came across a tree that had dried berries on it, as well as a bit of snow. The temperature was unusually warm enough where some of the snow on the branches was melting, and water drops were falling off the dried berries. So I was clicking away, and hit a few other spots before I went home.

I have several lovely images from that outing, but I was very surprised when I looked at my berry images when I got home – there was a big blurry heart right in the middle of  a few of  the images – several berries in a clump managed to create this effect. I did not plan this or notice this at the time (*sigh* again), and since it is February, I feel like I received a valentine from my camera – lol.

So I took one of the images & added some effects to make it into a valentine that I could share.


Heart Berries

Heart Berries